5 Years From Now

As a human race, it’s customary for us to want more in life but as oppose to working for it, we bitch and complain about why we don’t have it and/or who is holding us back. Most individuals don’t even realize that they are fucking themselves over by chillin all the time. Everybody wants to chill and have fun, in which we feel there is nothing wrong with that, but there is if your dreams are still dreams. Why waste the ONLY life you get on doing shit you don’t want to do and being something that you’re not? Why work a job you despise? Why date someone you hate OR who hates you? Why smash someone with a trash sex game? Why be mad because people don’t like you when there is somebody in the world that you don’t like? Get over your fucking self if you think you can spend another day wasting time on bullshit. Every human being has to make a choice in life. You can live your life, or you can allow others to live in your life and ruin it because you are trying to please them. Wherever you’re at in life right now, if you are happy, keep up the good work! If you want your life to change because you are not happy with it, stop being a bitch ass nigga and take control of your life! Five years from now, you can other hate yourself for being a bitch or you can love yourself for being a real nigga and attaining exactly what you want! Make sure you always pray, keep God first, keep family second, keep money third, and keep hoes in the hoe house, not yo house! #iDOnotCARE

About the Author Rudy Wilson

Rudy Wilson is an army veteran and professional stand up comedian. Here is where he shares his personal day-to-day with you.

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