Miami New Times 2019 Best Comedian

I was blessed to be honored with the Miami New Times 2019 Best Comedian accolade. This is dope because I’m not from Miami and I’ve only been doing comedy here for a year. I didn’t even know this was a thing that could be won. I just received a notification from Manny Garavito on Facebook that I had won. Miami is a dope place to do comedy because it’s unique. Any other place that I have ever performed comedy, I could pretty much gauge what type of crowd it will be. But Miami being so diverse, you never know what gender, race, ethnicity, age, or background you may have to stand in front of on any given night! Miami isn’t a popular place to do comedy amongst most comedians opinions, but that makes this award even more special. I was able to rise to the occasion and literally go to war every night with my comedy brothers and sisters as we fight against the tough crowds of Miami. Also know as crowds that “DO NOT CARE”!!!

About the Author Rudy Wilson

Rudy Wilson is an army veteran and professional stand up comedian. Here is where he shares his personal day-to-day with you.

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