Comedy Shows vs. Night Life In MIAMI

I am a stand up comedian living in the great city of Miami, FL. Miami is a city that is full of adventure as well as culture. There are beaches, yachts, jet skis, bars, night clubs, roof top bars, and of course strip clubs; but one thing that Miami lacks is comedy clubs. While there is a comedy scene in south Florida, there is not a large one in Miami in particular, which results in the lack of actual comedy clubs. As a result we are forced to perform in dive bars and small night clubs. Prior to the brand new Miami Improv (City Place Doral) arriving, the nearest comedy club that existed was the West Palm Beach Improv which is about an hour or so drive for any Miami comedian. The Miami Improv is a beautiful venue but it is not accessible for comedians to constantly perform or workout new material. In addition to the lack of comedy clubs, Miami has a strong night life presence, full of partying, drinking, and energy which raises the level of difficulty to produce solid comedy shows. People of Miami, especially tourist, don’t care much to sit down and watch performers stand on stage and chase their dreams. They prefer to chase an adrenaline rush and make memories. So as a entertainer who performs stand up comedy for a living here in Miami, I stand in support of all comedians in south Florida and I STRONGLY encourage all citizens and visitors of Miami to visit a local comedy show. You’d be surprised at the level of talent that exist here! A great place to start would be; owned and operated by Manny Garavito.

About the Author Rudy Wilson

Rudy Wilson is an army veteran and professional stand up comedian. Here is where he shares his personal day-to-day with you.

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